Our Team
Monica Paprocki

Our Facebook group head admin, social media and donation coordinator, and cheerleader. She has been the group's go to for the latest updates in the most recent facilities in need as well as  masks design and anything craft related. "Mom"ica is also a full-time accountant and award winning cosplayer from Chicago, IL. She also manages a website called GeeksAGogo.com 

Lauren Nepomuceno

One of our moderators in the group.

She is born and raised in Chicago. She has a background in IT and co-owns a board game company called XYZ Game Labs

Who We Are

We started the group in March 22, 2020 and we have grown tremendously to more than 500 members. We are a network of crafters, sewers, drivers and essential workers helping each other out to provide PPE for those in need.

Our Goal

Our group aims to aid our first responders and essential workers by donating our home made masks. We offer picking up masks ready for donations as well as schedule drop offs to facilities in need.

Our Team

Latest News:


Masks Are High In Demand

April 4, 2020

After the CDC announced yesterday (April 4, 2020) that all American citizens should wear fabric masks - this has created a huge influx of people trying to join our group. The admins and I will update the public where they can purchase masks for their own use. Unfortunately at this time we will only cater to the industries and other essential workers mentioned above.

Mask Donation Log

April 4, 2020


In an effort to add a fun factor in our group, we are encouraging our members to log their donations located in this page. One lucky winner will get a gift card of their choice! The price of the gift card varies from the amount of dnation given to the group.

Our Allies:

Please mail your mask and material donations here:


c/o Monica Paprocki

PO BOX 410861

Chicago, IL 60641

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